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New Lower Prices!!!! 

New simpler pricing structure!
We have reduced some of our prices across all types
of training, including CBT, A1, A2 & A.

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Tizwaz Rider Training
offers a number of different training courses designed to meet the needs of anyone looking to get on a bike.

The starting point for anyone wanting to ride a bike is to complete Compulsory Basic Training, CBT. The CBT is normally run over one day and takes you from complete beginer to riding on the road.

Once the CBT has been completed you will be able to ride a bike of up to 125cc,with '
L' Plates,for a maximum of two years.

If you want to remove the 'L' Plates, or move to a larger bike, then you must pass a motorcycle theory test and a practical test.

Here at Tizwaz Rider Training
we can help you book your theory test, or you can book directly using this link. The theory pass certificate is valid for two years,giving you plently of time to undertake training and to get yourself ready for the practical test.

Currently the practical motorcycle test is split into two parts,known as Module 1 and Module 2.  At first glance there appears to be many different types of test, but this is not the case.  All bike tests are the same regardless of the category test that you take.  What is required from you is the same, the standard is the same, and the cost is the same.  The differences are in the type of bike you use and your age.  The three main categories and thier age restrictions are:- 

Test Category Minimum Age
A1 - Light Licence 17 or over
A2 - Standard Licence 19 or over
A   - Unrestricted / Direct Access 24 or over

For more information on the different tests please follow the links for the category you are interested in, or give us a call on 01202 510008.



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Please make sure you read and understand our terms and conditions before booking a course or starting any training with us.