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A1 - Light Licence

Tizwaz Rider Training - A1 LicenceTo train for an A1 Bike test you must be at least 17 years old, and you must first pass a motorycle theory exam, which can be booked here.

Passing the practical motorcycle test will allow you to remove your ‘L’ plates and to carry a passenger.  Once passed, you can also forget about having to retake your CBT every two years.

The A1 - Light Licence training and test is completed on a 125cc machine.  Once you have passed the test you will be restricted to 125cc machines with a maximum 14.7 bhp.

Currently, all practical bike tests are split into two modules.

The Module 1  test is conducted on a purpose built site and consists of a number of riding exercises around a series of cones.  This is a very short test, but it shows the examiner that you can control you bike.

The Module 2 test is a road riding test where the examiner will follow you, whilst giving you directions via a radio. The examiner will want to see that your riding is safe and that you know how to interact with other traffic and obey the highway code.




All the courses we offer ar Tizwaz Rider Training are aimed at getting you to the correct standard to pass these tests successfully.

Please make sure you read and understand our terms and conditions before booking a course or starting any training with us.